Real Estate Warehouse is a real estate investment company specializing in buying, selling, leasing and re-imaging all property types throughout Upstate New York and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania. We work with buyers, sellers, investors and private lenders to create viable, winning solutions for any property or investment situation. Real Estate Warehouse is the authority in wholesale and buy and hold real estate transactions. Additionally, we specialize in creating secured double digit rates of return for investors who are seeking to create consistent passive and residual income. We leverage our deep market insight, expert technical acumen, and years of experience to maximize the value for all our clients.


Real Estate Warehouse assist sellers, buyers, renters and investors navigate through each area of real estate transacting in a variety of different ways:

  • Looking to Sell a Property – we buy houses, in most any condition, in most any area, for cash, in less time and for little to no out of pocket money for the seller.
  • Looking to Buy a Property – whether you’re looking for a home to own or you’re an investor looking for your next flip or rental, we can find you the home you’re looking for. Good solid homes, in nice areas, all with plenty of equity for the new owner or investor.
  • Looking to Rent a Property – we own multiple residential and commercial units that are clean, safe and affordable.
  • Looking to Invest – interested in real estate, but not the hassles that accompany ownership? Our program yields double digit rates of return, secured by real estate, allowing you to invest and profit without actually owning property

Our approach to real estate investing allows us to provide an A la carte type of servicing for any flavor of real estate transaction and client.


We have over 4 years of industry experience, including property management, wholesaling, buy and hold rentals, rehabbing and reselling and private investing (both as an investor and borrower). Real Estate Warehouse's success includes more than $2M+ in real estate transactions completed to date.


Unlike many other investors, or real estate companies with multiple disciplines, Real Estate Warehouse is singularly focused on transacting off market real estate and maximizing value to our clients. As such, our clients receive property solutions that fit exactly what they're looking for. We allocate 100% of our time and resources to mastering our craft. We invest heavily in training, data collection and intelligence, so our clients are presented with all the information necessary to make informed decision that meet their needs.